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Fast and Efficient Charging Anytime, Anywhere

Unlock a new realm of rapid charging for your devices with our 45W Multi-Port USB Fast Charger. Designed for the modern tech-savvy user, this charger ensures your devices are always powered up and ready to go. Whether you’re at home or traveling, this compact, yet powerful charging adapter is your perfect companion.


Key Features

  • Four Charging Ports: Multiple devices? No problem! Charge up to four devices simultaneously.
  • Quick Charge 3.0 Technology: Enjoy faster charging speeds with QC 3.0 compatibility.
  • USB Type-C Connectivity: Cater to a range of gadgets with USB Type-C ports.
  • Premium Retail Packaging: Comes neatly packed, making it an excellent choice for gifting or personal use.

Benefits of Using the 45W Multi-Port USB Fast Charger

  • Universal Compatibility: Designed for various brands and models, including iPhone 12, 11, Samsung, Xiaomi, and more.
  • Travel Friendly: Compact design and dual plug compatibility mean you can take it anywhere with ease.
  • Safety First: Built with advanced safety features to protect against overcharging, overheating, and short circuits.
  • Time Saver: With the 6A maximum current, you can significantly reduce the charging time for your devices.

Why Choose This Charger?

It’s not just about charging; it’s about charging smartly. Our product isn’t just another charger; it’s a multi-functional gadget tailored for those who refuse to settle. Whether you’re gearing up for a long journey, a business trip, or just a regular day, having a reliable charger is essential. This is where our 45W Multi-Port USB Fast Charger shines – ensuring your devices are always juiced up, and you’re always connected.

Ready to Power Up?

Stay ahead of the curve, and never let a low battery hold you back. Invest in a charger that’s as dynamic and efficient as you are. Order now and experience the difference!

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Haiden Evans
3 Jun 2024

In my workplace, I require USB charging ports for my phone, Fitbit watch, presentation clicker/laser pointer, earbuds, and rechargeable Bluetooth mouse. To tidy up the clutter, I ordered this unit, and it functions flawlessly without any issues. Although I don't have a device to test the QC 3.0 port, I've successfully used it to charge regular devices.

Jamie Yates
3 Jun 2024

It's an excellent wall block that starts up quickly. With its four ports, you can likely charge all your daily devices using this single charger (provided you have enough cords). It's a compact block, and having a dedicated high-speed port is a great feature. I appreciate that it remains cool and is easy to locate.

Billy Wright
3 Jun 2024

This compact charger works exceptionally well, including the quick charge port. While plugged in, it emits a faint green light, which may be a consideration depending on your placement, but it's generally not very noticeable, and it can even be helpful when plugging in cables in the dark.

Morgan Hart
3 Jun 2024

This is perfect for those who require simultaneous charging of multiple devices. I had been searching for such a charger, but others I looked at were too bulky for the space I had in mind. This one is compact, fits into a single electrical outlet, and allows me to charge four devices simultaneously.

Reggie Bishop
3 Jun 2024

I purchased this wall charger for travel purposes, and its four ports have been extremely useful for charging my two smartphones and tablet simultaneously during the night. All four USB ports are functioning as expected.

Frankie Sanders
3 Jun 2024

This is a reliable 4-port USB wall charger that performs as anticipated. The first three ports charge my devices at a standard pace, while the last port offers fast charging for my phone and tablet.

Charlie Cox
3 Jun 2024

This USB charger performs exceptionally well, delivering fast charging for multiple devices. I typically have all the ports in use, as I have numerous devices on my desk that require constant charging. It's an excellent choice for multitasking charging needs.

Danni Dean
3 Jun 2024

This wall cube works effectively with various cord connections. I've used it with my cell phone and several smaller devices, and it handled them all without any issues. I haven't tried charging a laptop with it yet.

Haiden Taylor
3 Jun 2024

It functions as expected. At the moment, I don't have much else to say about it. If I encounter any issues in the future, I will return to provide an update.

Billie Carr
3 Jun 2024

Unlike bulkier chargers, this one is compact and portable, allowing me to charge multiple devices simultaneously. The fast charging feature lives up to its name.

Rory Wallace
3 Jun 2024

I appreciate that the block has a built-in plug, allowing it to be directly plugged into the wall, eliminating the need for long cords cluttering my desk.

Billy Cooke
3 Jun 2024

I needed a charger with multiple ports, and this one is an affordable and practical choice for me.

Haiden Valenzuela
3 Jun 2024

I replaced four separate single-port chargers with this one charger. It efficiently charges all my devices and frees up space on my outlet strip. While USB-C is gaining popularity, this charger lacks a USB-C output. However, most devices still require a USB-A input on one end of the charging cable, even if the device end is USB-C.

Morgan Wood
3 Jun 2024

This multi-port USB wall charger is reliable and meets expectations. The three ports charge my devices at a standard pace, while the last port delivers fast charging for my phone and tablet. It's especially useful for travel when multiple devices need simultaneous charging. However, the bright lights can be a bit bothersome at night.

Gail Wall
3 Jun 2024

I appreciate the compact design of this charger, featuring four USB ports that fit neatly into my power strip without encroaching on adjacent outlets. It offers three standard fast-charging slots along with a high-speed charging slot.

Sammy Mcintosh
3 Jun 2024

Does the job!

Cory Robertson
3 Jun 2024

If you have multiple devices like tablets, phones, fitness watches, and more that require regular charging, you may have individual chargers for each. This charger can replace many of them with its four USB-A charging ports, including one with fast charging. Additionally, it fills the void for newer devices that often come without chargers, only including charging cables. My only wish is that it included at least one USB-C (mini-USB) port.

Lesley Rogers
3 Jun 2024

So far, I'm really impressed with this charger. While it doesn't support PD for laptops, it does offer quick charge 3.0, which outpaces most fast chargers on the market. It also has three other ports, although they are about one-third as fast as the fast-charging feature. It may get warm, but I haven't noticed any impact on performance.

Dane Webb
3 Jun 2024

I've noticed a significant reduction in the time it takes for my phones to charge.

Kiran Price
3 Jun 2024

Extremely pleased with my purchase, especially for packing during travel. A great choice.

45W Multi-Port USB Fast Charger with QC 3.0 – Suitable for iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi & More

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