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Discover the Wonders of Light and Color



Introduce your child to the fascinating world of science with our Kids’ Triangular Glass Prism! Perfect for young, inquisitive minds, this educational toy is designed to make learning about physics and the light spectrum both fun and engaging. Crafted from high-quality glass and precisely angled, this prism is a gateway to endless exploration and discovery.

Product Features

  • Material: Premium Quality Glass
  • Weight: Lightweight at approximately 80g
  • Size: Compact dimensions of 5 x 3 x 3 cm
  • Packaging: Securely packaged in a box with dimensions of 8 x 6 x 5 cm

Engaging and Educational

Our Kids’ Triangular Glass Prism is more than just a toy; it’s a valuable educational tool. It’s perfect for demonstrating light refraction and color spectrum to children in a fun and interactive way. This prism allows kids to create their own rainbows, bringing the science of optics to life right before their eyes. It’s an ideal resource for both home and classroom settings, making it suitable for physics class experiments and extracurricular science activities.



Product Benefits

  • Creates beautiful rainbows through light refraction
  • Encourages hands-on learning and experimentation
  • Helps in understanding the concepts of light and color spectrum
  • Supports STEM education, fostering scientific curiosity and knowledge
  • Compact and portable, ideal for educational activities at home or school
  • Safe and durable, designed specifically for young learners

When to Use?

This prism is best used during daylight or with a strong artificial light source to explore the properties of light. It’s perfect for science projects, classroom demonstrations, or as an engaging toy for curious children. The prism is not only a learning tool but also a source of creative inspiration for photography enthusiasts looking to add unique effects to their photos.



What Makes Our Prism Special?

Unlike ordinary toys, our Kids’ Triangular Glass Prism is a blend of fun and education. Its precise 60-degree angle ensures optimal light refraction, making it a unique and practical tool for teaching and learning physics. Its compact size and light weight make it easy for little hands to hold and explore. The high-quality glass material ensures durability and clear, vivid light spectrums, making each learning experience memorable.

Don’t wait to ignite your child’s passion for science. Get our Kids’ Triangular Glass Prism today and transform ordinary light into a rainbow of learning opportunities!

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Kasen Gould
3 Jun 2024

I saw a youtube video where some photographers were using a prism to create faux light bleeds in their pictures so I decided to purchase one for the same reason. I tested it out yesterday (I definitely need some practice with it, still) and it actually created some cool effects with my subject so I'm excited to mess around with it some more and see what else I can do with it!

Bruce Hurley
3 Jun 2024

I frequently conduct optical experiments and simply enjoy playing with light. I received these prisms as a birthday gift this year, and I'm impressed with their high-quality glass, free from any visible defects. The edges are also quite sharp, making them excellent prisms for the price.

Brandon Carr
3 Jun 2024

I absolutely adore this product! The packaging is so charming. I purchased this prism for my students, and they were thrilled by the rainbows it produced. It served our purposes well, allowing us to observe all the colors when exposed to sunlight. However, please note that these prisms are made of glass and can break if mishandled by children. Exercise caution.

Toby Poole
3 Jun 2024

We bought this for our child's 5th-grade science class. Due to budget constraints, the classroom didn't have a prism to demonstrate the color spectrum visually. This prism arrived on time, just before the end of the chapter, and it gave all the kids the opportunity to witness an indoor rainbow. We believe that hands-on experiences like this are crucial for effective learning. It worked perfectly.

James Gallagher
3 Jun 2024

I purchased this as a gift for my nephew and decided to test it before giving it to him. With some practice, I was able to produce decent results. I used a small flashlight and adjusted the angle and distance until I had beautiful bands of color. The prism is heavy and of high quality. I'm giving it 4 stars because a perfect prism would have sharper edges, but I'm satisfied with my purchase.

Zac Jackson
3 Jun 2024

The item was very well packaged and arrived earlier than expected. The sturdy box it came in is of great quality. The prism itself is of excellent quality and produced beautiful rainbows as expected. It's definitely a valuable addition to our science teaching materials.

Jayden Powell
3 Jun 2024

I used this for a science experiment with my daughter, and while it worked, it doesn't meet what I would consider optical quality. Given the price, I'm not particularly surprised. It was sufficient for refracting sunlight in a simple demonstration, but not much more.

Jordan Murphy
3 Jun 2024

When I looked out the window through the prism, I was able to see multiple rainbows inside it, each spanning the entire length of the prism, with several rainbows stacked beneath one another.

Riley Berry
3 Jun 2024

Ideal for homeschooling, these charming glass prisms serve as the foundation for numerous science activities. They are the perfect size for classroom or home-based explorations.

Silver Santiago
3 Jun 2024

I recently added this prism to my camera gear, and it's been fun experimenting with it through the lens.

Carol Yates
3 Jun 2024

I bought this hoping it would help realign the gyroscope on my flux capacitor. It was just okay for that, but it did create awesome rainbows for my 6-year-old!

Jaime Hahn
3 Jun 2024

This prism has a substantial feel to it and works exceptionally well. It came in a beautifully packaged box with a styrofoam insert wrapped in a soft cloth material, which can also be used for safe storage. It would make a lovely gift box as well.

Denny Blake
3 Jun 2024

They're a bit smaller than I expected, but they work wonderfully for my rainbow-loving kids.

Brook Golden
3 Jun 2024

The packaging is aesthetically pleasing, refracts light to create a rainbow effect, and has sandblasted sides to prevent fingerprints on the prism. It's reasonably priced and makes for a great gift.

Billie Houghton
3 Jun 2024

Works perfectly, producing a rainbow in the sunshine, unlike the cheap plastic one I bought from another source.

Casey Carr
3 Jun 2024

Bought this to assist with a science lesson for my kids while we're at home during the coronavirus pandemic. Initially, I couldn't get it to work, but eventually, I discovered that the key was to aim the light at the edge of the prism. Sure enough, we managed to create some pretty good rainbows.

Mel Williams
3 Jun 2024

I had hoped for a more spectacular rainbow display! Nevertheless, it is well-made and still emits some light during a specific time of day. I personally prefer teardrop prisms.

Raylee Miller
3 Jun 2024

I can't really blame the manufacturer for the chips; it was perfect when it arrived. I accidentally dropped it twice, which was my fault. It did withstand the falls reasonably well, but it did chip in a couple of spots. However, considering it's made of glass, this isn't surprising.

Steff Scott
3 Jun 2024

I purchased this for my photography, and I absolutely love it!

Skye Fraser
3 Jun 2024

I purchased one of these for my child, and he absolutely loves it. He has a blast looking through it. When you peer through the end pieces, it creates a kaleidoscope effect, and when looking through the long part, it produces a rainbow outline effect. It's quite entertaining, and anyone observing the viewer can't help but find it amusing. Thank you for such an enjoyable product.

Kids’ Optical Triangular Glass Prism

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