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Discover Immersive Sound on the Go

Step into a world of clear, dynamic audio with the Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. Built with a gunmetal steel finish, this compact powerhouse delivers not just in aesthetics but also in sound quality. Whether you’re out in the wild, at a party, or just relaxing at home, this speaker ensures your favorite tunes come alive in all their glory.


Features That Set It Apart

  • Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity: Connect your device seamlessly, ensuring no audio dropouts or lag. Experience wireless freedom like never before.
  • Extra Bass Mode: Revel in powerful and immersive sound every time you switch on the extra bass mode.
  • Portable and Compact: Its lightweight design means you can easily carry your music anywhere.
  • USB Power Source: Charging made simple with the USB power source. Please ensure to charge for 1-2 hours before use.
  • Integrated Microphone: Making and receiving calls is a breeze with the in-built microphone. Stay connected on the move.
  • Support Memory Card: Play music directly from your memory card, giving you more ways to listen.

Why Choose This Speaker?

This speaker isn’t just another addition to the crowd. Its all-metal build ensures durability while offering a premium look. The 3D Surround Sound Mode and Extra Bass Mode give you the flexibility to choose how you want to listen, making it perfect for any occasion – especially for square dancing where rhythm and beats take the center stage. Additionally, its wide frequency response ranging from 20Hz-20KHz ensures that every note is heard in pristine clarity.


Take Your Audio Experience to the Next Level

Don’t let its compact size fool you. This speaker packs a punch with its 225W output power, guaranteeing that your music will be the life of the party. The absence of unnecessary frills like touchscreens and voice control means you get a straightforward, no-nonsense music experience every time. It’s best used when you need powerful music on the go, without the hassle of large setups or tangled wires.

Ready to Amplify Your Sound?

It’s time to elevate your audio journey. Enjoy crystal-clear sound, heavy bass, and a hassle-free connection. Experience the perfect blend of form and function with this Bluetooth speaker. So, why wait? Dive into a world of superior sound quality today!


Benefits at a Glance

  • Uninterrupted audio with Bluetooth 5.0
  • Heavy bass to feel every beat
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Sturdy metal build for prolonged durability
  • Multiple sound modes to cater to every preference

Order Now & Experience Sound Like Never Before!

Give your music the platform it deserves. Bring home the sound of the future. Place your order now!

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Angel Wilson
3 Jun 2024

It charges quickly, can be used while plugged in, and delivers sound quality that exceeds expectations for such a small and affordably priced device. It worked so well that someone took a liking to it at a public event, so I bought another one the next day.

Fran Martin
3 Jun 2024

I connect it to my phone and play my favorite music on Prime Music. The sound is clear and loud enough to hear in multiple rooms. I'm sure it will be great for picnics, pools, beaches, and any outdoor activities. I also use it to watch TV, and it brings the sound closer to the listener, which is perfect for those of us who are a bit hard of hearing.

Rory Haney
3 Jun 2024

These speakers are outstanding; they really drown out any background noise when I'm engrossed in playing video games. The surround pairing is a game-changer, especially when I want to ensure my wife has her favorite songs playing. Definitely a five-star product.

Skylar Cline
3 Jun 2024

This Bluetooth speaker offers the best bang for your buck! The sound quality is great, and I've never experienced any connectivity problems. We now own three of them.

Aaren Mccarthy
3 Jun 2024

I was on a cruise, and my daughter had one of these speakers for listening to music on her balcony. I was impressed by the sound quality from such a tiny device, so I had to get one for the kitchen. It's worth every penny.

Steff White
3 Jun 2024

I don't usually write reviews, but this speaker is truly amazing. The sound quality is top-notch, and it's incredibly easy to pick up and take with you. Buy it! You won't regret it.

Billie Harris
3 Jun 2024

This little speaker has excellent sound quality considering its size. Pairing is a breeze, and the blue metallic color is a cool touch. I would definitely purchase this again.

Kris Phillips
3 Jun 2024

As a park attendant for a sports and recreation company, I'm constantly on the move in my golf cart, and I've been a music enthusiast since the '70s. I purchased this little speaker so I could enjoy music while patrolling. This speaker is truly amazing. The sound quality is great, and the volume is perfect for my needs. It connects easily to my phone via Bluetooth, and it conveniently fits in the cart's cup holder. I'm planning to purchase more for my family. It's an A+ item all the way!

Morgan Gray
3 Jun 2024

I already have a small speaker, but it doesn't provide much volume. This one is tiny but packs a punch in terms of volume. The sound quality is decent, although you can't control bass or treble. However, it's fantastic for travel as it takes up very little space.

Willy Sosa
3 Jun 2024

This speaker is small and comes with a handy carrying cord. Surprisingly, the sound quality is quite impressive and can get quite loud for its compact size. It's great for listening to audiobooks, though I haven't paid much attention to the battery life.

Kerry Calhoun
3 Jun 2024

This speaker is ideal for poolside use. I bring it along for my daily walks. The only drawback is its relatively short battery life. Since I prefer the volume loud, it lasts about an hour for me. Nevertheless, I love the sound quality, and it conveniently fits in my pocket during walks.

Rudy Fox
3 Jun 2024

It works well, but I do wish the charger connector and controls were on the side instead of the bottom.

Lee Reyes
3 Jun 2024

This speaker is a real lifesaver when a device's audio output isn't clear. I like this speaker and would recommend it to other buyers.

Jo Craft
3 Jun 2024

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this product; it works even better than I expected.

Erin Wallace
3 Jun 2024

It works exceptionally well for its size, and I've had no issues with connectivity.

Phoenix Chambers
3 Jun 2024

I can't find anything to dislike about this product; it's outstanding, especially at its price point.

Vic Dawson
3 Jun 2024

Compact but highly effective.

Nicky Baker
3 Jun 2024

The sound is astonishing for such a small speaker; I ended up ordering five of them.

Casey Henderson
3 Jun 2024

It's the perfect speaker for my office, exactly what I needed.

Rudy Camacho
3 Jun 2024

This speaker is perfect for a work desk. I can't wear earbuds at work, so I need something compact. It doesn't blast your eardrums but provides clear sound. It's perfect for podcasts, loud enough for close listening, but not so loud that it disturbs people in the hallway. It fits in your palm, making it highly portable. Keep in mind, it's not meant to replace a high-end Bluetooth speaker if you're a serious music enthusiast.

Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Extra Bass & Metal Build

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